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Puntarenas Holiday Rentals

We offer you a cozy and pleasant place, in an excellent location, very safe, fresh, well lit and comfortable. It is a new building and in excellent cond

Beds: 2 Baths: 1 Sleep: 7

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Beds: 2 Baths: 1 Sleep: 7

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About Puntarenas Holiday Rentals

About Puntarenas Vacation Rentals

Puntarenas, the largest city in the state of Puntarenas, is located on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica.  With the daytime temperature, ranging from 86 to 95 °F, lovely beaches, national parks, museums, thick foliage gardens, aquariums, it is an excellent spot for tourists to be footloose and fancy-free. Due to the proximity to the ocean, it proffers a wonderful opportunity to locals and tourists to enjoy various water sports activities—snorkeling, surfing, kayaking, water skiing, etc.  It is also famous with regard to various musical and literary events, which are hosted here from time to time.  When it comes to vacation home rentals in Puntarenas, there are various types of rentals—villas, cottages, condos, chalets, cabins—which can be rented easily at affordable rates.

The Fascinating Sights of Puntarenas

Puntarenas is popular in terms of its world-famous sights. Some of the most noted ones that have made tourists perturbed to see them include the following:

Parque Marino Del Pacífico: This is a perfect marine park to hang out with a family. It boasts an aquarium that homes Nemo, nurse sharks, manta rays and several other creatures found in the Pacific Ocean. Located on the old train station, it is a wonderful attraction for tourists. Some of its best features include a gift shop, a snack bar and a pool for kids.

Casa Fait: The amazing thing about this building is that it is the most beautiful building in the city of Puntarenas. It throws light on the historical events of the 1920s, in which Alberto Fait Rocchi played an important role. It has a blend of Victoriana and coastal influences. It is a worth visiting destination for those, who have a keen interest in ancient history.

Casa de la Cultura: This is a kind of exhibit that throws light on an art gallery and many cultural events. It is a good place for tourists to spend some time in order to take glimpses of various art pictures and enrich their knowledge. For the convenience of tourists, there is a pedestrian path with modern sculptures to enable tourists to visit this place without any problems. 

Palacio Municipal: There is something strange about this building. It is up to tourists to decide whether it is ugly or beautiful. It is known to have been built in the place of Municipal Palace that was pulled down. It has some extraordinary features, such as jutting upper floors. Jorge Bertheau is the architect of this building.  

Paseo De Los Turistas: This is a famous pedestrian boulevard that goes along the southern part of the city. Here, a large variety of casual restaurants and souvenir stalls are available to cater to the needs locals.  Churchill, a famous dessert, made up of chopped fruits, syrup and condensed milk, is the specialty of this boulevard. This delicacy is known to have been named after an individual, who used to order it on a regular basis. An interesting thing about this place is that it is a perfect place for locals to knock back beers on weekends.

Museo Histórico Marino De La Ciudad de Puntarenas: This is a museum that reveals the facts and truths about the history of Puntarenas through its artifacts, old photos and audiovisual presentations. There is an interesting incidence about it—it was shut down for a certain period when a research was carried out.  

The Best Time to Visit Puntarenas

It is up to tourists to choose the best time to visit Puntarenas in terms of their suitability and budget. Those, who have tight budgets, should come in the month of December. During this time, hotels are cheaper, but the temperature is a bit higher and rain is certain. The month of January is suitable for those, who want to take part in various fiestas, events and celebrations of Puntarenas. During this time, tourism takes momentum, so the rates of food and lodging go up.

How to Reach Puntarenas?

There are different routes to reach Puntarenas. The airports located here are Tobias Bolanos International Airport, Guanacaste Airport and Upala Airport. Whatever part of the world tourists may belong to, they can easily land on it through their convenient ways.

Vacation Rentals in Puntarenas

Accommodation is easily available in Puntarenas. All tourists need to do is contact Find American Rentals, one of the best Puntarenas vacation rentals by owner. It offers no booking fee vacation rentals to tourists at budget-friendly prices. The rentals are equipped with all the facilities and amenities to fulfill the rental requirements of tourists.