Holiday Rentals in ItalyThe year round tourist destinations are filled with kid’s friendly recreational amenities both in and out of holiday accommodations. There are more adventure activities lined-up in the Alps mountain range, providing adrenaline pumping outdoor. Mountains also provides numerous campsites and amazing hiking and biking trails in the region dotted with rivers, falls, lakes, and unspoiled streams.

Holiday rentals act as the home away from home, catering all need and requirement of the tourists. Amenities in best holiday accommodation include kids friendly recreation activities, fully equipped kitchen, pool, Jacuzzi, heated pool, privacy, comfort, and security. All these amenities help in enhancing the holiday experience of tourists.

Switzerland: What’s the first think that comes to your mind when you hear Switzerland? Is it the Matterhorn or Swiss Watches or Swiss Chocolate or Swiss army Knives or Banks or Swiss Alps or Ski Resort or the Alpine Scenery? The reason or occasion may differ, but the natural beauty of the Switzerland with its resort towns and beautiful alpine village’s paly important role in catering travel amenities of the holidaying people. The traditional gastronomy if the Switzerland is full of Swiss cheese, fondue and more cheese. Some of the mouth-watering cuisines in this central European country include Rosti, Bircher Muesli, Raclette, Engadiner Nusstorte, and milk based dishes. Tourist finds their home away from home in well-decorated Holiday Rentals in Switzerland. The holiday rental homes are beautifully nestled in prime tourist resorts cities and towns, providing unlimited fun entertainment and adventure. Say Bonjour to Switzerland, on your next holiday in this this European tourist destination.

Italy: Italy is one of the most popular tourist destinations around the world. Italy’s touristy places entertain holidaying people with world class amenities and top outdoor encompassing historical sites/monuments, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, highlands, secluded villages, and coastal towns. The lush green rolling hills are the best place to stay and explore the diverse landscape of the Italy. Holiday Rentals in Italy are nicely placed in close proximity with shopping centers, cafes, coffee shops, and fine dining restaurants. Italy is the hub of fashion, art and artsy things. Top tourist sites in Italy are Rome, Milan, Tuscany, Florence, Capri, Venice, Sicily, and plethora of historical ruins. Italy is loved by all age and group of people and tourist friendly locals are the highlight of holiday in Italy.

France: France is surely the most visited tourist destination in Europe. The world-class monuments such as Eiffel Tower, Mont-Saint-Michel, Cathedrals, Amphitheaters, Castles, and Carcassonne, Basilica, Rocamadour, the Saracen Tower and more are excellent holiday stops in France. France welcomes all age and group of tourists and accommodates them with theme decorated Holiday Rentals in France. The holiday homes in France are equipped with fully functional kitchen and world class services and amenities. Moreover these holiday rentals can be booked or reserved by directly contacting the owner of holiday rentals, thus saving both time and money of people.

Sardinia: Sardinia is the Mediterranean Island renowned for its scenic view incredible coastline, rugged landscape, and tons of outdoor for tourists. Sardinia is world renowned for its mystic pre historic sites and ruins. The site dates back to Bronze Age. The coastal town and resort village backed by tons of outdoor recreational attracts tourists and travelers here in Sardinia. Sardinia Holiday Homes are renowned for their world class services and luxury amenities.

You can plan you travel itinerary in any of the mentioned destination with the all-inclusive rental accommodation with Stay Holiday Rentals website with no booking fee and no hidden charges. What’s your dream holiday destination in Europe? Let us know with a comment below.


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