Portugal Holiday Rentals by OwnerPortugal is the oldest country in Europe and it also holds the oldest bookstore in the World. It is world famous for its Port Wine, Salt Cod, grilled sardines, seafood, amazing and mesmerising beaches. If you are planning to visit this beautiful country here is the list of some place you don’t want to miss. Oceanario de Lisboa-Lisbon, Palacio Nacional de Sintra, Kayaking the Lisbon Coast, Torre de Belem, Convento do Cristo-Tomar, Bom Jesus do Monte-Braga, Castelo de Guimaraes, Castelo de sao Jorge- Lisbon, Se(Cathedral) & Rome Temple- Evora, and Coa Valley Archaeological Park. These amazing and historically significant places hold the true story of Portugal. Once you plan your holiday to Portugal, you need a place to stay, from where you can explore these prettiest places. Portugal Holiday Rentals by Owner is your new home in Portugal. These fully furnished rentals are loaded with luxurious amenities and comfort. And to your surprise these rental accommodation are budget friendly.

Pizza, Pasta, Free Wine and Espressos is the reason to visit Italy

Italy is a beautiful country, that not only invented Pizza and Pasta but also it is the top visited country by tourists. It’s also world famous for its Free Wine Fountain located in Caldari di Ortona. All 3 active volcanos of Europe Etna, Stromboli, and Vesuvius are in Italy. This historically rich country holds the most number of UNESCO site than any other country in the world. There are over 1500 lakes scattered across Italy and who could forget the great Alps and sun soaked golden beaches. For the fun fact there is a small country inside it called Vatican City.Italian people make 2500 types of Cheese and consume 15 billion espressos each year and it is also the largest wine producer in the world. Italy Holiday Homes by Owner are the true delight and comfortable place to stay and explore this remarkable country.

Europe is Calling will your GO on Holidaying

Europe is famous among the tourists for its vibrant cities, nightlife, restaurants, museums, and architecture. Europe Holiday Rentals offer travelers a comfortable and luxurious accommodation at affordable prices. There are some remarkable locations, cities, and places in Europe that attracts tourists from around the globe. Some breath-taking and dream destinations for tourists are Rome, London, Paris, Budapest, Florence, Barcelona, Swiss Alps, Amsterdam, Amalfi Coast, Prague, Venice, Athens, Cyprus, Dublin, Stockholm, Munich, Berlin, Istanbul, Lisbon, Brussels and many more. Holiday rentals in Europe are tourist friendly and luxurious to stay in. The warm hospitality of Europeans and their budget friendly accommodation is another reason to it attracts tourists. Apart from pictorial locations the mesmerizing landscape and best holiday packages are another reason people love to holiday in Europe.


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